Moved back to Germany!ドイツに戻る

I've moved back to Germany on 12th May. 
The reason is to go to a school. If you were a long-term follower of my blog, you might've know why I went back to Tokyo in 2014. 
The post is here.
In the beginning Jan and I had planed that I would stay in Tokyo for about 5 years max  to save up for school tuition, but being apart for 2 years had been long enough to be gone and I turned 27 which is reaching its limit of the flexibility for "doing whatever I want" (that's what I felt).
In fact, Jan had told me that we don't have to worry about the tuition even before I left Germany in 2014 and this kept me from deciding to leave for a little while. But I'd used up all my money for the language school (2014-2015) and I didn't like the situation that I had to be dependent on his money to stay there. I don't feel independent when I can't pay any more.
So I left, worked, saved up and back here again. As I wrote 2 posts back, I couldn't save up as much as I wanted/was going to but it's better than nothing.  
Now I've been preparing for the class that begins in the end of August.



Obviously I've got a plenty of time until then. I made a membership at the gym that Jan uses on 14th May, 2 days after my come-back and continued going there for 2 weeks (27th) straight from then. 
On my way back home, on 27th, I started to feel some pain in my joints and back. 
I didn't miss my workout routine at home until I left Japan but it had been a while since I used treadmills and other gym equipments last time. 
It was such an overuse of muscle and joints. Too sudden, too often, too much volume in one gym session.
All the pains I've got are now almost gone. whew…. 
I was just mega-happy to be back in the gym and unaware of what I would end up get. Lesson and Learn..
I will share some pictures before this happened. lol 





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