I left my job

I think the biggest highlight of all events since I came back to Japan in 2014 must be that I left my job in 15th April 2016. 
This job was (let me put this way first) the craziest, busiest, cruelest, and yet the greatest job I've ever had. Yes, it was a great time. 
We had so many accidents, gossips, arrangements with such huge time pressure, fights and changes in a short period of time. 
Fortunately I got to have nice people to work with. In fact there are many people who couldn't stand the working environment and left us as well. I had counted them after the first half year since I started to work and we had 5 people left and hired 5 until the last one left. This number is only within the first 6 months. We had more after that. When I joined this company (I got hired in Japanese subsidiary) we were only 8 in the office. Our Japanese branch had started to grow so fast and we were not able to catch up with the speed. 


Endless phone calls, papers piled up on each desk, our lunch was after 4pm (or later), work until the last train (11:30pm-0:00am), and you can't go to see a dr. even you get sick. Every single day. 
The condition of not having enough people and not having solid working flow have caused our health problems (obviously) and losing more people. This was the worse negative chain that I have experienced. Too much work and too big responsibility. I even thought of jumping into the railroad. I'm not kidding. Have you ever thought "How can I end this? The place you can end this right there." I know I was going insane but I really thought I would and cried on the railroad in the midnight, where no more trains run. 


The situation, however, slowly started to change as new people continued to join us. They were willing to help us save this company from "hell" and make it better. We literally fought with our company president by organizing labor union for better pay and "normal" working condition. Until when I left this job, for about 1 year since we started to try to make this place better, thankfully many things have improved and changed. 
I can't count how many times I though I would give up and leave there but somehow I couldn't (they stopped me from leaving a million times) and I didn't. I'm glad I didn't. I wouldn't have been the same "me" without this job. I grew up and leaned so much. 


Here are some photos of events I attended in December 2015 in Luxembourg and in Germany. My last business trip of this job. Those pictures are mostly from places I stayed.

ほとんどホテルと食事の写真だけどね笑 Hope you like them!



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