19 September, 2013

Phở gà - Vietnamese Rice noodle soup フォーガー 初ベトナム料理♡

I love other Asian food. When I was still in Tokyo, I would go alone to many Asian restaurants such as Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Korean, Chinese.. Other (I mean non-Japanese) foods are always so much fascinating me and I can never get enough to know and see what their food is/tastes like. 
Since I haven't so long had those Asian food, and there's no Asian restaurants except Chinese one here, I decided to make one that I really miss. That is Phở gà [Pho-gaa] Vietnamese Rice noodle soup. 
The soup tastes so light and clear, though I like thick soup that contains coconut milk and stuff as well, and helpful for stomach to digest. Jan had never had this kind of food but he liked it! :D I'm so thankful that he loves Asian food.. My American uncle who's in the states hates Asian food and I used to see that my aunt who's my mom's younger sister looked in a trouble with what to cook. 
Food in marriage life is such a big affair. Serious. Not being able to eat or share food that you've grown up with is so hard. I don't have the problem fortunately though, I can clearly imagine that it can be a huge stress when I'm ever not able to. 
Anyhow, this noodle turned so yummy! Check out the recipe and please try it. 


Beauty & Diet Helper Chocolate Tart 美容&ダイエットの味方 チョコレートタルト

Do you like tarts?
Do you like chocolate? 
Do you like cheese cake? 
Are you on diet and beauty conscious? 
This tart is for you. 
When I'm craving cakes or tarts, I don't go to bakeries or grocery stores but make it by myself. I am sure I can make something better! HAHA!! Ever since I came to Germany, I still never had real good cakes honestly. All cakes here are much too dry. 
If you have ever had Japanese strawberry cake, for example, you certainly know how good it really is. Right? Or try I made that strawberry cake for Jan's mama birthday party and other guests also brought their cakes from bakeries (they don't ever bake one.). Guess what? My cake was immediately gone while all other cakes were not even half finished when the party was over. Sure, Jan's mama was proud of her daughter-in-law lol 
But when I bake, expect birthday or Christmas cakes, I've been trying to make sweets that also help body keep its healthy condition, that don't disturb everyday dieting food routine, and that don't make you gain weight. 
So, I made this chocolate tart that tastes like cheese tart, has no oil in filling (tart crust has coconut oil), no sugar, no chocolate pieces. 

私がケーキやタルトに飢えている時は、どこにも買いに行かずに作ります。だってもっと美味しいの作れるから笑 ドイツに来てから未だに一度も美味しいケーキに出会ってません。ここのケーキはパッサパサで全然美味しくない。日本人はもちろんですが、外国人にも大ウケの我らの苺ショートケーキ!あれを知っている私たちには欧米のケーキなんて食べられませんよねー。もしこちらヨーロッパに来る機会があったら、パン屋さんでケーキを買って食べてみてください。美味しくないです。以前じょんのお母さんの還暦(両親は60越えてます)の誕生日にゲストもケーキ持ちよりでパーティーをした際、私は日本のショートケーキを作って持って行きました。そしたら嬉しいことに一瞬で売り切れ(売ってませんが)。他に6種類くらい他の人たちからの買って来た(まず自分で焼きません)ケーキが半分も無くならず余っていました。これは嬉しかったです。。

First of all I need you to drain 2 cups/ 400g yogurt before working on the filling. If you want to watch a video for hows, click on either the video title or direct on the video image :D 


Recipe ♡ ☟

International Culture Festival 国際文化祭り

On 7th September, Saturday, we went to an International culture festival taken place near the station in Raunheim. At this event, people from all over the world bring their homemade food and you can try them all at once.  As I'd never come to this event before, and as a food/ cooking lover, it was so much interesting for me to see and eat their food. 
As far as we saw, there was Thai, Turkey, Iran, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia,... and more. I thought it was actually a middle Eastern, Asian, African food fest. rather than calling "international culture".  
Okayyyy let's grab something delicious!! The first food we got was from Turkey. As you see the 1st picture, we had "Lahmacun (wrap)", Kısır (bulgur), and Baklava (the tiny piece).

Lahmacun is a round, thin piece of dough topped with minced meat (most commonly beef and lamb) and minced vegetables and herbs including onions, tomatoes and parsley, then baked. Lahmacun is often served sprinkled with lemon juice and wrapped around vegetables, including pickles, tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, and roasted eggplant. (by wiki)

Kısır is a traditional side dish in Turkish, Kurdish, and Assyrian cuisines. The main ingredients are finely ground bulgur, parsley, and tomato paste. Common additional ingredients include onion, garlic (in some regions), sour pomegranate molasses (in southern regions of Turkey) or lemon, lettuce leaves, cucumber, and a lot of spices. It has a reddish color due to tomato paste admixture. It can be eaten cold and used as a salad or meze (assorted side dishes). (by wiki)

Baklava is incredibly sweet sweets from Arabia. This sweets is made by layering melted butter, filo pastry sheets, and pulverized almond-sugar mixture that's finished by drizzling sugar syrup and topped with pulverized pistachio all over after baking in oven. It was too sweet for us.. 


さぁ食べようーー!! 最初に食べたのはトルコのご飯。最初の写真に写っているブリトーのようなLahmacun (ラーマクン),  ブルグァ麦でできたピラフのKısır, そして小さいパイのようなBaklava (バクラバ)。 

Lahmacun (ラーマクン)は丸い薄い生地の上に挽肉をもっと細かくした肉(豚肉以外のもので主に牛か子羊)、トマトや玉ねぎなど刻んだ野菜、パセリやオレガノのハーブ類を混ぜてのせ焼いたもの。食べる時にレモン汁を軽く絞ったり、ピクルス、トマト、ししとう類、玉ねぎ、レタス、焼き茄子などの野菜を包んで食べても美味しい。(ジュルッ) ...作ろうかなw

Kısır (発音わかりません;;..キジァ?) はトルコ、クルド、アリッシアの伝統的なおかず。主な材料は刻んだブルグァ麦、パセリとトマトペーストでそこに玉ねぎやニンニク、ザクロ果汁、レモン汁、レタス、キュウリなどが土地や家庭によってアレンジされて追加される。これは冷たい惣菜で、サラダとして出されたり、副菜の一つとして食卓に並ぶ。

Baklava (バクラバ)はアラブの甘いお菓子。お菓子は普通甘いけど、これは恐ろ...尋常じゃなく甘い。 溶かしバター、フィロペイストリー(極薄の小麦粉からの生地)、粉砕したピーナッツと砂糖のミックスを何層にも重ねてオーブンで焼き、その後 砂糖水/ シロップを全面に掛け染み込ませ仕上げにピスタチオを砕いたものを振りかける。私たちには甘過ぎでした。アラビア人たちは砂糖祭りがあるくらい砂糖愛好家なので、甘さも極めてます。

18 September, 2013

Reunion in 2 years 2年ぶりの再会!

On 5th., such a miracle finally happened :D I jumped for happiness. I got to see my special friend, Albert who I'd hang out in Tokyo a lot until I moved to Germany, here in Frankfurt! 
He actually came to Germany for a business trip, but he made his first day off because I live near Frankfurt and we'd gotten the whole day for a reunion :). 
He was supposed to arrive in Frankfurt airport at 10:15 but thanks to London's thick fog, the flight ended up 3 hour-delay and we got to see each other after 1:30pm. After we arrived in Frankfurt city around 2:15pm, we decided to get something small to eat as I was starving. As he told me to take him somewhere I'd never been to, I thought of going to Häagen-Dazs ice cream building. 
If you have read a post of our Frankfurt sightseeing with my family 1 month ago, you might be able to imagine where I decided to walk with him this time. 
We got off the train at Hauptwache station and walked on Zeil street. 
If you come to Frankfurt city for the first time, you'd probably walk up on the street though, I find it's so convenient to come there because everything, like many many shops and historical cathedrals, is all compacted in a small place that you can look through by walk. 

9月5日、ついにこの日がぁぁぁ!!! :D 私がドイツに引っ越すまでよく東京で仕事の後などに会って遊んだアルベルトとフランクフルトで奇跡の再会をしました。あーもう嬉しすぎる。。
一ヶ月前の私の家族とのフランクフルト観光を読んでくれた方は何となくイメージつくかと思いますが、今回もお馴染みHauptwache (ハウプトバッヘ)駅から降りて本通りのZeilを歩くことにしました。やっぱりここが色んなお店や古い聖堂などがまとまってて、観光にピッタリなんですよね。


08 September, 2013

Almond milk and healthy tart dough 手作りアーモンドミルクと太らない簡単タルト生地

Since I started to focus more on fitness and food that makes a good body, almond milk had always been stuck on my mind but I haven't tried it until very recently.
I gave it a try when I found one at the grocery store near my home. It tastes so so good! I had no idea how that tastes as it's from almond, but it has a nice almond natural aroma and sweetness.
The texture is the same as other daily free milks too.

ついこの間近くのスーパーで牛乳のコーナーに陳列されているのを発見...! 都市部じゃないから。。っていう勝手な決め付けで探しもしなかった私がばかだった...笑 超おいしいし。


What I love about almond milk and why I'm having an addiction with it is:


01 September, 2013

Date day 一日デート

Last Friday, on 30th August, was such an ideal day for the first time in a while.
Walking in the sun to the hair salon, having a little long lunch with laugh, driving to the city for shopping, and nice dinner to end the day.

I had an appointment at a hair salon in the morning. My hair's got just boring straight with split ends and heavy, and I wanted to make it lighter with some layers.
There was a hairdresser who did my wedding hairdo and who cut my hair this time. Despite my haircut order and request which I wanted layers on my hair, and even though I brought a photo of the ideal hairstyle, she just cut the frontside of my hair slantwise and curled it with a straighter.
As you see the 2nd picture below, you can't find any layers on both sides and backside.
Oh well...as far as I see no one has layers on their hair, at least except hairdressers in bigger cities, they don't know what that is.
I'll get my hair done well when I'm in Japan again!


はぁー。。やっぱりアジア人の手の器用さにはかなわないのか。。ここじゃレイヤー/段がついてるキレイな髪型の人居ないから、おそらく少なくても大都市以外の街美容師の人たちはそもそも知らないんじゃないの? って勝手に結論付けました。笑


Kerb -Summer Fest.- 8月23日 地元夏祭り

On 23rd August, they had a small Summer festival in the city. Although the night view must've been more beautiful with lots of lights in the dark, we came there in the early evening as we wanted to grab some for dinner. 
We went to this last Summer too but I missed taking photos.  As it was the first time for me, it kept me amazed and I was busy having fun :D
As you see in the photos, there were some rides and many snack shops. Too sad that my family left here 1 week before this fest. From the middle of August to the beginning of September, there are some Summer evens in cities and tourists can make more memories besides sightseeing. 
This second snap is my outfit of the day :)

二枚目の自撮りがこの日の服装 ヽ(*´∀`)ノ