International Culture Festival 国際文化祭り

On 7th September, Saturday, we went to an International culture festival taken place near the station in Raunheim. At this event, people from all over the world bring their homemade food and you can try them all at once.  As I'd never come to this event before, and as a food/ cooking lover, it was so much interesting for me to see and eat their food. 
As far as we saw, there was Thai, Turkey, Iran, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia,... and more. I thought it was actually a middle Eastern, Asian, African food fest. rather than calling "international culture".  
Okayyyy let's grab something delicious!! The first food we got was from Turkey. As you see the 1st picture, we had "Lahmacun (wrap)", Kısır (bulgur), and Baklava (the tiny piece).

Lahmacun is a round, thin piece of dough topped with minced meat (most commonly beef and lamb) and minced vegetables and herbs including onions, tomatoes and parsley, then baked. Lahmacun is often served sprinkled with lemon juice and wrapped around vegetables, including pickles, tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, and roasted eggplant. (by wiki)

Kısır is a traditional side dish in Turkish, Kurdish, and Assyrian cuisines. The main ingredients are finely ground bulgur, parsley, and tomato paste. Common additional ingredients include onion, garlic (in some regions), sour pomegranate molasses (in southern regions of Turkey) or lemon, lettuce leaves, cucumber, and a lot of spices. It has a reddish color due to tomato paste admixture. It can be eaten cold and used as a salad or meze (assorted side dishes). (by wiki)

Baklava is incredibly sweet sweets from Arabia. This sweets is made by layering melted butter, filo pastry sheets, and pulverized almond-sugar mixture that's finished by drizzling sugar syrup and topped with pulverized pistachio all over after baking in oven. It was too sweet for us.. 


さぁ食べようーー!! 最初に食べたのはトルコのご飯。最初の写真に写っているブリトーのようなLahmacun (ラーマクン),  ブルグァ麦でできたピラフのKısır, そして小さいパイのようなBaklava (バクラバ)。 

Lahmacun (ラーマクン)は丸い薄い生地の上に挽肉をもっと細かくした肉(豚肉以外のもので主に牛か子羊)、トマトや玉ねぎなど刻んだ野菜、パセリやオレガノのハーブ類を混ぜてのせ焼いたもの。食べる時にレモン汁を軽く絞ったり、ピクルス、トマト、ししとう類、玉ねぎ、レタス、焼き茄子などの野菜を包んで食べても美味しい。(ジュルッ) ...作ろうかなw

Kısır (発音わかりません;;..キジァ?) はトルコ、クルド、アリッシアの伝統的なおかず。主な材料は刻んだブルグァ麦、パセリとトマトペーストでそこに玉ねぎやニンニク、ザクロ果汁、レモン汁、レタス、キュウリなどが土地や家庭によってアレンジされて追加される。これは冷たい惣菜で、サラダとして出されたり、副菜の一つとして食卓に並ぶ。

Baklava (バクラバ)はアラブの甘いお菓子。お菓子は普通甘いけど、これは恐ろ...尋常じゃなく甘い。 溶かしバター、フィロペイストリー(極薄の小麦粉からの生地)、粉砕したピーナッツと砂糖のミックスを何層にも重ねてオーブンで焼き、その後 砂糖水/ シロップを全面に掛け染み込ませ仕上げにピスタチオを砕いたものを振りかける。私たちには甘過ぎでした。アラビア人たちは砂糖祭りがあるくらい砂糖愛好家なので、甘さも極めてます。

At the Turkish tent where they had churros thing, lahmacun, and other side dishes.


Turkish ladies were making some more snack. The big dough looked like softer tortilla and seasoned spinach & cheese (such as feta) mixture inside and baked on the dome hot plate.


Our 2nd food was from Ethiopia. On their special pancake-like dough which is made of Teff flour and water, a couple of kinds of, for example, curry, cheese, or sautéed spinach / vegetables comes. Especially their lamb curry was amazing!
The first curry (I don't know which should I call curry or sauce) she put on teff pancake was beef.


Lamb one.  ラムのカレー

Spicy cheese mixture. 辛いチーズ

Sautéed spinach and some vegetable mixture.  野菜のソテー(多分ほうれん草)

A cute Ethiopian girl :) かわいいエチオピアの少女 :)

Then we stopped by Thai section and had their noodle.


Want some ice cream?? ;) 
I suggested Jan a cup of ice cream as a dessert. We came to an Italian Gelato shop which is just by where the festival took place and got ours. 
It was such a nice day and enjoyable to see and taste some countries' food!

アイスクリーム欲しい?? ;)


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