Kerb -Summer Fest.- 8月23日 地元夏祭り

On 23rd August, they had a small Summer festival in the city. Although the night view must've been more beautiful with lots of lights in the dark, we came there in the early evening as we wanted to grab some for dinner. 
We went to this last Summer too but I missed taking photos.  As it was the first time for me, it kept me amazed and I was busy having fun :D
As you see in the photos, there were some rides and many snack shops. Too sad that my family left here 1 week before this fest. From the middle of August to the beginning of September, there are some Summer evens in cities and tourists can make more memories besides sightseeing. 
This second snap is my outfit of the day :)

二枚目の自撮りがこの日の服装 ヽ(*´∀`)ノ



Jan's got Pizza with salami.


I always come to this Asian snack shop. They open this shop at Summer and  Winter festivals. 



As a dessert! Strawberries coated in dark chocolate :)
Now I'm looking forward to Christmas market!

デザートに♡ イチゴがダークチョコレートでコーティングされているのを買いました。



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