Phở gà - Vietnamese Rice noodle soup フォーガー 初ベトナム料理♡

I love other Asian food. When I was still in Tokyo, I would go alone to many Asian restaurants such as Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Korean, Chinese.. Other (I mean non-Japanese) foods are always so much fascinating me and I can never get enough to know and see what their food is/tastes like. 
Since I haven't so long had those Asian food, and there's no Asian restaurants except Chinese one here, I decided to make one that I really miss. That is Phở gà [Pho-gaa] Vietnamese Rice noodle soup. 
The soup tastes so light and clear, though I like thick soup that contains coconut milk and stuff as well, and helpful for stomach to digest. Jan had never had this kind of food but he liked it! :D I'm so thankful that he loves Asian food.. My American uncle who's in the states hates Asian food and I used to see that my aunt who's my mom's younger sister looked in a trouble with what to cook. 
Food in marriage life is such a big affair. Serious. Not being able to eat or share food that you've grown up with is so hard. I don't have the problem fortunately though, I can clearly imagine that it can be a huge stress when I'm ever not able to. 
Anyhow, this noodle turned so yummy! Check out the recipe and please try it. 


1 Chicken thigh, removed all bones 
1/2 cup/ 100g Bean sprouts 
1 clove Ginger, cut into stripes
1 clove Garlic, sliced
3 - 4 Long green onions : green part for use
3tsp Sugar
1 TBsp Nam plaa/ Thai fish sauce 
Salt & pepper

2 portion Rice noodle 
1/2 Lemon or lime 
1 Chicken thigh that you used for chicken soup

100g もやし
1片 生姜, 細く切る
1片 にんにく, 薄くスライス
4本分 ネギの青い部分
小さじ3 砂糖
大さじ1 ナンプラー

4玉 ライスヌードル
1個 レモンかライム, 人数分に切り分ける

① In a large pot, set the stove at medium heat, place bone-removed chicken thigh, 1.8 litter (63oz) water, ginger, garlic, and green onion. Bring to boil and skim off the scum that rises to the surface of the cooking water. Cook for 20 minutes.


② After 20 minutes of chicken soup, whisk cinnamon and cook another 10 minutes. 
Add in sugar, salt, pepper, and nam plaa to the soup, adjust the flavor. Filter the soup with a strainer and it's done. Keep the soup and chicken warm. 


③ In a medium pot, bring water to boil and cook your rice noodle for 5 minutes. Rinse & wash with water and drain. 


④ Place the drained noodle, pour hot chicken soup into a bowl dish. 
Cut the chicken into 1.5 cm to 2cm/ half inch stripes, prepare bean sprouts and coriander. Top them on the noodle, squeeze lemon or lime.  As an option, add some hot Asian chili sauce to it. This is my must :) 


I've recently made Summer rolls too. Especially salmon one was so delicious. Enjoy Asian food :)) 


Thanks for reading! Give one hit on Kumamon for my blog improvement! xo


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