Almond milk and healthy tart dough 手作りアーモンドミルクと太らない簡単タルト生地

Since I started to focus more on fitness and food that makes a good body, almond milk had always been stuck on my mind but I haven't tried it until very recently.
I gave it a try when I found one at the grocery store near my home. It tastes so so good! I had no idea how that tastes as it's from almond, but it has a nice almond natural aroma and sweetness.
The texture is the same as other daily free milks too.

ついこの間近くのスーパーで牛乳のコーナーに陳列されているのを発見...! 都市部じゃないから。。っていう勝手な決め付けで探しもしなかった私がばかだった...笑 超おいしいし。


What I love about almond milk and why I'm having an addiction with it is:


*Low calories & Rich in nutritions* *低カロリー栄養豊富*
Almond milk has only 40 kcal per 200ml glass while normal cow's milk has 130 kcal.


Almonds contains
  • Manganese --- support your metabolism, helps stronger bone building, energy supplying in body, boosts remembrance/memorial power, helps you remove tiredness, lowers the level of sugar in the blood
  • Vitamin E --- has anti-oxidative effect that prevents cancer and slows aging, lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol and increases  HDL (good) cholesterol --> promotes blood circulation
  • Magnesium --- eases mental stress & tiredness, works with calcium in body and helps building and relaxation of muscles.
  • Selenium --- strong anti-oxidative effect that prevents cancer, cerebral thrombosis, heart attack, menopausal disorders, and anti-aging effect.
  • Potassium --- reduces blood pressure, removes wastes products in body, works neurotransmission
  • Zinc --- activates enzyme, enhances immune system, works well on taste cell
  • Iron --- prevents anemia, helps you keep youth of skin  
  • Calcium --- prevents osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, and high blood pressure, eases temper 
  • マンガン --- 新陳代謝をサポート。骨の成長を助ける。体内の栄養供給。記憶力を高める。疲れを取る働き。血中の糖を下げる
  • ビタミンE --- 抗酸化作用でガンを防ぎ老化を食い止める。LDL(悪)コレステロールを減らし、HDL(善)コレステロールを増やす=> 血行促進効果
  • マグネシウム --- ストレスや疲れを和らげる。体内のカルシウムと一緒に働き、筋肉の弛緩や成長を助ける=> フィットネスに最適 (マッチョではなくしなやかなきれいな筋肉)
  • セレン --- 強い抗酸化作用があるため、ガン・脳血栓・心筋梗塞・更年期障害を防ぎ加齢をストップ。
  • カリウム --- 血圧を下げる。体内の老廃物除去。神経伝達に働きかける。
  • 亜鉛 --- 酵素の働きを高める。免疫力を高める。味覚を高める。
  • 鉄 --- 貧血防止。肌の潤い・若さを保つ
  • カルシウム --- 骨粗鬆症・動脈硬化・高血圧の防止。気分を落ち着かせる

*Heart healthy* *心臓に優しい*
No cholesterol, no saturated fat in almond milk that won't damage your cardiovascular system and maintain heart's condition.


Searching details for almond milk and finding out how good this is, I decided to make it fresh at home.



1 cup Raw unsalted almond with skin on
3 cups Filtered water + more for soaking almonds
1 pinch Salt
1 to 2 tsp Agave syrup, honey, or maple syrup (option)
1/2 tsp Cinnamon (option)
Vanilla extract (option)

150g ~ 200g 無塩アーモンド(つまり何の味付けも無い普通のもの)
600ml 浄水 + アーモンドを漬けておく用の水
1 つまみ 塩
小さじ1 ~ 2 アガベーネクター/ アガーシロップ/ ハチミツ (甘みをつけたい場合お好みで)
小さじ1/2 シナモン(お好みで)
数滴 バニラエッセンス (お好みで)

Tools you need

Blender or food processor 
Fine mesh strainer, nut bag, or clean tea towel (I used strainer)


こし器/ ナッツバッグ/ キレイなガーゼ等

① Have a small bowl, place almonds, pour filtered cold water into it until almonds are completely covered. Let it stand, uncovered, soak overnight up to 48 hours. Change the water every 12 hours. 
Drain and rinse. 

 小さいボウルにアーモンドを入れて全部しっかり浸るくらいの水を注ぐ。蓋やラップをしないでそのまま放置で12時間〜48時間。半日以上浸しておく場合は12時間おきに水を取り替える。☜ 寝る前や休みの日にやると◎

② Place the almonds in the blender after rinsing them, pour in 3 cups filtered water, agave syrup, cinnamon, salt, vanilla extract, secure the lid. Let it blend 2, 3 minutes. 


③ Strain the milk through a fine mesh strainer. Gently stir with a table spoon the solids to help milk drip though. If you use a nut bag or tea towel, it makes it easier to squeeze them up, but make sure not to grasp it too strong. 


④ Put the milk in the fridge and let it cool. You can keep it 3 to 5 days. Very fine solids in the milk can separate from the liquids, so shake a bit before you enjoy it :)

 冷蔵庫に入れて冷やす。3日〜5日で飲み切ると◎ 液中の細かいアーモンドと水分が分離するので、飲む前に混ぜる。シリアル・パンケーキ・お菓子作りにも低カロリーで楽しめる。

⑤ Spread the almond solids over a paper towel or parchment sheet with a mesh food over and place it where it's breezy for a couple of hours if you do during the day time or overnight at the kitchen.


⑥ Prepare your oven at 170℃/ 340°F. Bake the dehydrated almond for 20 minutes and make sure you feel no moisture after that.
Pulverize it again in the blender. You have now almond powder that's good for cookies, tart, cake etc.


I used it for a tart. I added 1 whole egg, 3 TBsp liquid coconut oil to 1/2 cup fresh almond powder.
Blend all ingredients.
Spread coconuts oil over the tart form so that the dough wouldn't stick on it.
Place the tart dough in the tart form, press it with clean fingers/hand.
Bake it for 20 minutes at 170 degrees oven.
Enjoy it with your favorite filling.

100g の手作りアーモンドパウダーに卵1個、ココナッツオイル(液体の状態)大さじ3と塩ひとつまみを加えて小さいブレンダーで全部一気に混ぜる。




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