Date day 一日デート

Last Friday, on 30th August, was such an ideal day for the first time in a while.
Walking in the sun to the hair salon, having a little long lunch with laugh, driving to the city for shopping, and nice dinner to end the day.

I had an appointment at a hair salon in the morning. My hair's got just boring straight with split ends and heavy, and I wanted to make it lighter with some layers.
There was a hairdresser who did my wedding hairdo and who cut my hair this time. Despite my haircut order and request which I wanted layers on my hair, and even though I brought a photo of the ideal hairstyle, she just cut the frontside of my hair slantwise and curled it with a straighter.
As you see the 2nd picture below, you can't find any layers on both sides and backside.
Oh far as I see no one has layers on their hair, at least except hairdressers in bigger cities, they don't know what that is.
I'll get my hair done well when I'm in Japan again!


はぁー。。やっぱりアジア人の手の器用さにはかなわないのか。。ここじゃレイヤー/段がついてるキレイな髪型の人居ないから、おそらく少なくても大都市以外の街美容師の人たちはそもそも知らないんじゃないの? って勝手に結論付けました。笑


This is only one "Before" picture. 

After coming back home from the hair salon, Jan suggested a stroll in Frankfurt :D
The last time we were in Frankfurt city was when we came there with my family. Remember the post? :)
We first came to the airport by car and headed to the city by train.

美容室から帰って来た後、じょんに「フランクフルト行く?」と提案されて即決! :D

We walked through shops and shops, especially where I couldn't stop by last time.
At H&M I found these basic tops and tried them on. Which one do you think suits me the best?
I asked people on my Facebook which to take and the stripes was the most voted :D 
Then I bought the black with dots and the stripes.

Then we went to MyZeil. We had a strawberry smoothie (I wanted raspberry but Jan ordered strawberry lol) and that was so good. Unfortunately my phone died and I couldn't make pictures after H&M :( 


このあとMyZeilというショッピングセンターに行き、またひたすら歩き回ってから1Fにあったジェラート屋さんでイチゴスムージーを注文して少し休憩しました。(ラズベリーが欲しかったのにじょんがうっかり(?)イチゴを注文笑) 見た目もキレイで味も最高でした。

It was so much fun walking in Frankfurt city. There are always so much to see and it never bores you. 
We came back again home and drove straight to a driving school ;) As I've got some extra time until I start going to school again, it must be the perfect timing to get a drivers license. 
The registration procedure went pretty quick. I've got all the information and I'm going to attend the course from today :)
Leaving the driving school, we then decided to go to an Indian restaurant where we had wanted to come once. It had a nice ambience and food. 


So fulfilled day! Jan's again away for the flight over the weekend. 
It was nice to make a nice day. I hope you had a nice weekend and have a great start of new week :)

ステキな週末を過ごせましたか? 良い一週間を :)


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