2 Month stay in Japan

With my 19 year-old sister, Haruka

I'm sorry for the long absence. I was away from Germany for 2 months in Japan to celebrate Christmas and New year. I was going to fly back to Germany at the end of January actually, but I've got very sick and had to put my flight off. Medicine that I'm still taking is an inhaler for asthma. What I've got is asthmatic bronchitis and the inhaler was the healing treatment which I have to use for 3 months. Except for my sickness, I had such a great time with my family and friends. Since I cancelled my flight in January, we were able to celebrate my 24th birthday on 13th February. Time spent with family and lovely people is so priceless. 
I took hundreds of photos but they can't be all posted here. So excuse these screen shots from my Facebook but hope you enjoy them :) 

With my friend (who was my coworker), Akko

Love you, Japan!


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