Body squeeze

Lately I've been dedicating myself to squeezing my body even more. The reason isn't not only because I've grained so much weigh since I moved to Germany (like life-shift..I was working all day in Tokyo but immediately became a student here) but because we're having the wedding in August :D 
We've already made an appointment with the Priest, reserved the time at the church, sent invitation cards to our guests, reserved a restaurant after wedding, and decided the menu... We still have a lot to do, like to make a course for wedding dance (I swear I'd be horrible in August and so is Jan!), to check my wedding dress and his suits, makeup, hair, nail, what else....
And I'd start going to Univ. in July if it'll go successfully. I see this year is going to be a lot more exciting and full of events and growth that's great. 

About my body shape, I think my upper body is ok for now but I should make my legs thinner, otherwise other slender dresses would't fit around my thighs :(( Or would I attend the party in the wedding dress...??? 
Now 2nd week is over since I started all the workouts I've been doing. My workout program is for 1 month so I'll simply continue it at least until the wedding and preferably longer. 
Let's see how nicely my body can change.. Wish my luck! :D



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