I've been cooking.. What I made since I came back

Sure I don't forget to cook nicely every evening. Somehow my cooking gets a little better especially after I come back from Japan. Good foods and its recipes my mom makes are now immediately saved in my brain since I've got into cooking. If I could've known that I'd enjoy cooking this much, I should've appreciate more each meal my mom cooked when I was still in Japan and learned hows. 
But look I'm trying to reach her tastes she creates :) Looks good? 
All these foods are what we had for dinner with salad which is everyday must and soups. (and glasses of water!) 
The first one is Tenshindon which is a Chinese-Japanese specialty, consisting of a crabmeat omelette on rice.  Enjoy photos :D

fried veggies and chicken breast hams. as sauce, the mixture of soy sauce and apple vinegar.

Bolognese rice with Onsen-Tamago on 
Onsen-Tamago is a traditional Japanese boiled egg which is originally slow cooked in the water of hot springs.

thinly sliced cucumbers and grated daikon radish with whitebait


Potatoes saut├ęd with rosemary 

in the aluminum foil, steam-baked salmon with onion and mushroom  

Wa-hu (Japanese style) mushrooms spaghetti

Marinated Tomato and onion

Oven-baked, wrapped veggies in beef. Carrots and Zucchini sticks in it. 
No added oil. Avoiding deep fried high calorie foods 

thinly sliced cucumber and grated daikon radish with Ume-boshi (pickled plum)

creamed Spinach and codfish with some pasta.

in the end...

on 28th February, we had 3rd anniversary since we met.
I made this chocolate cake which was chocolate-lover, Jan's request. 
Of course, fresh made from flour, I never buy cake flour mixture or pre made cake like my mom never did :D

oh, I'm hungry now...better go to sleep. 


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