When you give me the warmth

ILC jacket/ ILC ジャケット
tops: Forever21/ トップス: Forever21
ZARA short pants, boots/ ZARAショートパンツ、ブーツ
DHC stocking/ DHC 着圧タイツ

Last Sunday that was super cold, we made a photo shoot for the first time in a while.
Have you recognized that I've dyed my hair lighter? I wasn't going to make it this light and I grabbed ash color but it turned immediately this light brown that wasn't shown like this on the level :S
So my dark brown hair (original) became this color that makes a big difference now from new-born hair.
After this quick photo shoot we took 1.5 hour walk through out the half of our town but we didn't expect that it'd be so freezing. In the last half of the walk it made me want to go pee (lol) we headed back home. These days the weather in Europe has been going much too up and down. It couldn't have been more crazy yesterday. It kept snowing (I should call it blizzard) the whole day and made it everything frozen but today, the temperature went up to 11℃ and it started to melt the ice and piled snow.. I was so dying having horrible stomachache yesterday evening because of sudden temperature decrease and almost crawling on the floor. I hope this doesn't happen anymore in the middle of March!


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