you. and. us

(photo taken on 10th March)

3 years have passed since we met. I can't believe how fast time flies and we've made millions of memories until this second.
Ever since we became together, you've been always always nice to me, never ever mad at me (you should sometime, babe), smiling at me, letting me do anything I want, giving me compliments, doing everything for me, and your best. You've never let me feel cold because you never fail to walk next me and wrap me with your warmth.

When morning comes, you wake me up by rubbing my shoulder gently and give me a little kiss on my forehead. I don't tell you, but mostly I'm awake in the bed before you wake up but I like to wait for you to wake me up putting my head deep inside the blanket.

When we finish meals, you put your chair a bit backward and open your arms to ask me for a hug on his lap for some minutes. I have never made it denying it as it's so sweet.

When I wash dishes, you come stand beside me with a dish towel and start drying the dishes up and put them back in the shelf. After that, you make a coffee for me for when we sit on sofa in the living room to watch movies. yes, I don't even ask him to do that (whisper: I ask him sometime :)).

Before I take a shower, you get the heater in the bathroom ready and warm the room up so I don't have to feel cold when I bathe.
After we take a shower, you clean up the bath wall and dry it up and prepare our toothbrushes.

Before I get into the bed, you've already made hot-watter bottle and put it under my blanket.
When I come in to the bedroom, you set a lump beside the bed on and wait for me.
We talk for a while, snuggle, enjoy tickling, kiss, hold each other, and say sweet dreams.

From you, I've learned what love is, what consideration is like, what faithfulness is, and where this feeling comes from.
There are still thousands of things to write here about you but I can't find words and I don't know where, how to start.

When I have problems with my family, I get in a bad mood and take it out on you, but you don't say anything and just hold me until I'm ok again.
When something happens to me, you let me be straight sad and sit next to me.
I regret what I did all after that because your kindness makes me feel I'm so kid, but still I find myself doing the same thing even though you're only so nice to me. I can't be more sorry for what I'm doing to you and how childish I am.
What I'm doing for you couldn't ever reach at all what you're doing for me no matter how long time goes by. but I want to declare that I really am into you, faithful to you, and swear I love you and will forever do. I am very very fortuned to have you, thankful to have met you in this life, and grateful to be your wife.

Thank you so much to be with me and to walk with me.

Megumi Winter


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