Nordic/Winter Makeup #1

As you know, every one's crazy about Nordic, Military, Leopard, Good Girl this Fall and Winter. Then I did makeup that would be matching this season. This is the first one, which means I'll do more later.
Cold eyes suit Winter..
Since Khaki's been also in fashion, I'm wearing a khaki gillet.

What is called "Snow girl" has been in trend in the world right now. Typical warm look cloth such as knit and fur is layered. Add unique accessories like trekking shoes and leg warmer to go mountain girl!
For town use, mannish items are useful. Black Taylor jacket, short pants, and knee/thigh high boots would be cool with Nordic items.
We need to be careful not to go dowdy/unsophisticated look from too much Nordic items.

As for this makeup, it's super easy! I was just arranging some colors and they were getting like Winter look :D Please read this through!

*As always, apply any eyeshadow base you have and take shimmery white by BYS on the pencil brush. You can substitute "Gesso" by MAC.
Apply into the crease til it gets white white..

*Take gray by REVLON on the same brush to apply on the both side of the lid. Keep the middle of your lid off any color for now. (Sorry, in this right pic it looks all silver on my lid )Substitute "Idol Eyes" by MAC.

*Go Metallics pallet by BYS for Blue. Substitute "Fresh Water" by MAC. Dab it on the middle of the lid until it gets colored well.

*Take ash dark blue by KATE and place it over the other blue. It strengthens blues so well!

*Apply the gray e/s by REVLON on the both side of lower lashline keeping the center off for blue.
*Fill in the waterline with black eyeliner you have and add mascara. Now you're done!

Thanks so much for reading til the end!
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