New Face#2 by KATE and L'OREAL

Since I've been kind of desperately doing things about my hobbies of makeup, I decided to shoot another post tonight. Right after I got them last week, thought I'd definitely show you guys ^ ^

1st one is by L'OREAL-Golden Tan Skintones.
These are obviously looking so useful! Each of these spreads out amazingly smoothly on your skin and colors up so nice. When I got this, there was a wonder in my mind if this can also be lost its perfection later on the end of the day. Some products really do lose its look because of skin oil, perspiration and so on. But I found out this doesn't at all after I tried this on today. Those colors don't change til the end at all. Nice!
I know I'd use them on many of my tutorials :)
2nd one is by KATE (the rest of  2 also by KATE).
This and other 2 are their new color collection these days. In the middle of first 2 ones (from right side) are mutt look (so are 2 other pallets) which helps create smoky eyes that doesn't need shiny perfection.
3rd one is mutt orange brown. It would be good to make elegant eyes with gold because these (especially the middle of 2 colors) are very fine shimmery brownish gold. I have a feeling these new collections' touch got even smoother than old ones. Old ones feel a bit rough though they're not bad at all.
4th one is more shiny/sparkling compared to 2 others. This is very pigmented, which I should be careful. When Asian people use blue eyeshadow TOO MUCH, the look is terrible lol It looks totally like swollen eyes after punching fight..just because face bone structure is way flatter than Caucasian people have. I don't think my face is too flat look but I'd use them as like an accent of the look or wear it simply casually..haha

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