Military Eye'd Girl inspired by Fall/Winter fashion

Today I did this military colored eyes for this Fall and Winter. This season Military, Leopard, Tred, and Nordic are hot. So I used a couple of colors in order to match any style.

Due to lightning, this looks brownish eyes. See another picture down below, it looks more purplish around the outer crease.

This would definitely match military wear to start out from tomorrow. Please try this out and now check the tutorial :)

*Apply any eyeshadow base you have, and take pinkish gray from horizon e/s pallet by BYS on a fluffy brush. Put this all over the crease and blend it up very well up to (under) the brow bones.

*Take Root Beer e/s by NYX on a pencil brush and apply into the crease. This goes from the inner corner to the middle of the crease. Gently fades away at the middle point.

*My new pallet by L'OREAL Pris-Golden Tan Skin tones! Take the reddish brown on the same brush and apply from the outer corner of the crease to the middle. Blend it into the Root Beer naturally.

*Take a little bit of the darker color on the same brush and apply RIGHT above the lid to make it look deep and a bit dark on your crease. Make sure not to place this too much because it's well pigmented.
Also gently blend it up at the bottom of other 2 colors.
*Add lashes.

*Now we're go into this gel eyeliner which is dark brown by KATE. Apply it all over the lid and make an angle when you reach to the outer corner of the eye.

*Fix looks of lashes. Place black liquid eyeliner by FASIO from the inner corner of the eyes over fake lashes for natural look. Make it as thin line as possible. This black cannot be noticeable.
*Grab Shiny Olive pencil eyeliner by MAYBELLINE NY to apply to the inner corner.Just tap it on your skin until it colors well. You don't need to line or put it on longer.

*Take an angle brush with Teal e/s by REVLON to apply onto the middle of lower lash line.

*Go back to this reddish brown on the pencil brush and fill in the rest of lower lash line.

*Apply again this underneath water line and take the angle brush to smudge a bit.

*Take "Barely There" e/s by NYX on the fluffy brush to put on the brow bone and the inner corner as a highlight.
*Add mascara and you're done!
Thank you so much for spending your time to read this!


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