Can-Be-Boyish Look with Feminine Eyes

They've been saying in fashion that military wear is going to be HOT these days. Finding a girl in ELLE Girl magazinge, again, and I thought her look is hot though it still looks cute.

Oh, she has such a thick and noticeable lines/angles on her lid, though the makeup is for military wear. And this looks cool like a man!!
Of course, it made me wanna try this. What I did got a bit more femine though.
Since this is for military (guy) look, there's really no need to use any colorful eyeshadows, which means nude or orange (any skin tone) is preferred.
So I used only orange and nude colors for e/s that wouldn't take much time. And fake lashes not necessarily required.
This is the look. Wearing lashes might make or even change its look feminine, but unless you use volumy one any doesn't matter..
This tutorial can be a bit longer than usually I do because I took pix of my process besides cosmetics. If you wouldn't mind, please keep reading!

*After applying e/s base (any kind you have works), take light gold by VUSEE on a fluffy brush all over your crease and add champagne by NYX on a pencil brush to place from the inner corner to the outcorner of your crease. Do not let it go into the lid.
*Take bronze gold e/s by Maquillage, Shiseido on the same brush and apply above the lid to make it look a bit dark. And go back to champagne by NYX on a fluffy brush to place under the brow bone.

*This goes like this. Under the brow bone, there's champagne and above the lid, bronze gold on. Put champagne under the lash line too. You can apply it up to 5mm from water line.
*Apply lashes.

*Grab Black eyebrow pencil by KATE to line on the lid for perfect angles.

*Fill in the line with black liquid e/l by FASIO.
 And take some of black e/s in horizon pallet by BYS on the pencil brush and pat it on the black.

*Also line under your lash line with black quild one and put this black e/s by BYS on the top of the black line for smudgy look.
*Add mascara. This time I used black color.

*Take orangish brown by KATE to apply above your lid.

*Apply White e/l by VIVO at the inner corner and blend it out.

*As a highlight, take some of pearl pink on your brow bone.

You're done!


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