Rihanna in "Love The Way You Lie" inspired look

Once I saw the video-Eminem ft. Rihanna "Love The Way You Lie"- it caught my eyes and made me wanna do her look right away.

And as far as I see in the clip, she doesn't have color gradation on her lids and I thought super high level makeup technique which I really don't have yet may not be needed. I do wish I had even similar color eyeshadow that she's on..but I made it creating very close one though lightning can change its real look.

Main color is going to be dark purple with some gold bronze shimmer on the middle of the crease.
Every time I do makeup, I always end up wishing if I were a Caucasian girl so bad haha I've been always wondering why I'm not one since I was 13 or 14 lol

Anyhow this is what I've done! :D
This time I wrote substitution by MAC in case you don't have products I used.
If you're interested in how I did this, please keep reading it! Hope I don't bore you.
Let's go tutorial <3

*After applying any eyeshadow base you have, take dark gray brown by KATE on the flat brush. You can substitute "Club" by MAC if you have. Apply this all over your crease to shape oval. Due to lightning this looks like shiny black but it's grayish brown with shimmer.

*Go to metallic ash purple by BYS on the same brush. You can substitute "Seedy Pearl" by MAC. Put this on the same place where you applied 1st color dabbing it. This really makes the similar look that Rihanna has on the video!

If you want to make it more purple, add shiny violet by BYS. Or substitute "Shock-a-holic" by MAC. Please be careful as you place it because it's very pigmented, which changes the look from what Rihanna wears.

*Add lashes and fix the look by using black liquid e/l by FASIO. Like I said in last posts, make it as thin as possible.

*Take an angle brush with  black e/s by BYS (Any black e/s works). Apply to the outer corner of the lid and smudge the black line and blend it out.

*For lower lash lines, apply again the metallic ash purple underneath waterline. And around the outer corner, put the black one above on the end of purple.
*Pat gold bronze e/s by KATE on the center of the crease. Substitute "Gorgeous Gold" by MAC.

*Take light beige on the fluffy brush to apply on the brow bone and the inner corner as a highlight. Substitute "Vanilla" by MAC.
*Add black mascara and fill in waterlines with black e/l by FASIO.
You're done! It's easy, isn't it?

Thanks so much for reading this!


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