Christmas 2016

Before heading out to Jan's parents.

Merry Christmas!! I hope all of you had a great time with your family or beloved one. This year I got to celebrate it with Jan's family for the first time. One of us was always missing last years. The year 2011 that I moved to Germany, despite of my first Christmas experience in oversea, Jan had to fly out on 24th. In 2012 I was gone as I wanted to be with my family in Japan. In 2013, Jan and Anni were gone for work and I stayed home alone. 
In May 2014 I moved back to Tokyo to work until this year. So it was the first time for us to be all together. 
Here I'm going to share with you what we had for 24th dinner and 25th lunch. 

The tree is a bit small but wide enough to embrace all the presents underneath.

The table is nicely decorated.

Let dinner begin. Start with soup. 

For Christmas Eve dinner, we always have salmon. We get to buy good one at Lufthansa shop where it's opened only to people who work for Frankfurt airport, including the ground staff and cabin crews. So that's what we've got this time. It was about €70.

Me, Jan's mom, Jan's sister Anni.

We spent the next 30 minutes opening presents.
I baked healthy (no butter, no egg, no milk: coconut oil and soy milk) brownies for the dessert earlier the day.

25th. My outfit for the lunch. I think I bought the ZARA dress in winter 2014 for an event of my last job in Tokyo. I remembered that I didn't like how this dress looked on me at the night and haven't worn it since then. I thought it's time to be worn again.
This might look cold but it's made of thick textile with lace details. Perfect for an indoor party in this season. 

Okay. It always starts with a dish (or two) of soup. Get your stomach ready for food.

Ta-Dah! Deer meat was the main dish. With red cabbage, croquettes, and a pear with currant sauce.

Guten Appetit!

I made lemon sorbet. They loved it and asked for another helping. :)

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