Day 1. 18th Oct. Our Trip to Neuschwanstein

I know it's been a while since I took the pictures and never made posts about it. So I'm going to make posts of unshared events by the very end of this month. 
This is the one of things I want to get done before New Year comes. 
On 18th October, we drove to Bayern to visit Neuschwanstein castle. I'd been wanting to go there once so bad for a long time not because it's the model of Cinderella castle but because it's one of the most popular spots to visit in Germany and I wan't still there yet. And it's so far from where we live. 

We drove all the way down southward to Bayern. It took us about 4 hours with one break on a service area on highway. 
We left the house around noon and arrived before 5pm. Checked in at the lodge. I call it a lodge. It's a small, run-by-family hotel and so welcoming. 
We dropped the bags and decided to walk around the lodge until dinner time. 
I didn't take many photos on this day. I will show you more on next posts. 
There is a large lake, called Forggensee in front of the lodge that takes you 2 hours to make one round of walk. 
Here must be so beautiful in Summer. By the time we arrived here it was already dark, cloudy, cold and a bit windy. You might be able to tell that in this picture.

Time for dinner! Pizzeria San Marco. The appetizer was so delicious that I didn't even think of taking a photo of it. 
What a great food. We didn't expect that we'd get to have such amazing food here. I can't find the right words to express how good the pizzeria will never betray you. If you had a chance to go to Bayern, I would highly recommend you to enjoy their food at this restaurant. 

We wrapped up here. A long drive and cold weather wore us out. The next day is all about the castle!


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