Day 2. 19th Oct. Our Trip to Neuschwanstein

I don't know about you but I looked up and it kept my mouth opened in a shock for a while. SO beautiful. 
I think I'd like to write a bit about the history of this castle here. It might help you appreciate its background of LudwigⅡof Bavaria who built the castle and how it's loved over centuries. For more information and details, please check Wikipedia ( or other related sources.  
Castle Neuschwanstein (Neu=New Schwan=Swan Stein=Stone) was built by LudwigⅡ, King of Bayern, in early 19th century. 
It's located by the border of Austria (about 4km to the border) and there is a castle Hohenschwangau where LudwigⅡspent his childhood and owned by the father of LudwigⅡnear Neuschwanstein. 
The name of Neuschwanstein derives from a castle "Schwanstein" that used to be where Hohenschwangau is today and named after the year 1890. So now you know where "Neu=New" Schwanstein comes from. 
The castle can appear to have built with the traditional construction system at that time. It was, however,  constructed not with stones or brick but with mortar or concrete structured by steel frames and lack of weather resistance and durability. 
This castle was neither constructed as a "fort" of a military position nor as a "palace" of the political and diplomatic base. 
It was built just for the romantic hobby of Ludwig II: there are no small cathedral or graves that should be in the castle hall of Germany in this castle,  and an artificial cave named Venus cave (Venusgrotte) was built while making the throne was postponed.
Liveability as an actual residence wasn't put in a consideration and practicality as a facility had been neglected.
This castle is unsuitable for both residential and political affairs (as well as military facilities).

As you can find the line in Wiki, the castle was publicly opened immediately after Ludwig II's death in 1886.

Back to our trip :) This is what our room looked like. Hotel Stefanie was it. (
It's about 10 minutes to the parking area for castles and less than 20 minutes to the city Füssen. 
It was unfortunately cloudy and chilly on this day. You would want to be careful about the weather when Fall starts. You never know when it gets cold or warm. 

This is how you start to see Neuschwanstein on the way to the parking area. I zooooomed.

The first place we went to was castle Hohenschwangau. A beautiful, small, yellow castle. 

You can go on a tour (with many language choices) at a specific time.
Inside both castles, you're not allowed to take pictures.

Here are some view from Hohenschwangau.
Thankfully it started to get brighter and slowly cleared up.

This is what the castle looks like in Winter.

Our view from Neuschwanstein. How would you spend your morning with this view? 

We came down to the city. How did you like the photos?
While waiting for the signal to turn green, "unusual" things were moving toward the street.
They were huge.

For dinner, we went to a German restaurant. Honestly it was disappointing.
The fish I had was obviously pre-made (typical frozen one) and greasy.

Coffee to fix the dinner :P 



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