Day 3. 20th Oct. Our Trip to Neuschwanstein

Woke up, felt the sunlight, opened the curtains, and asked "why so sunny today and not yesterday??"
This couldn't have been more beautiful but oh well. It was lucky enough for us that it never rained yesterday. 
Today we wanted to walk around in Füssen city which is about 15 minute-drive from where we stayed (or from castles). 

The sun was so warm, crisp air, farms, Alps mountains, and nice foods.

This is a view from our car heading to the city Füssen. 
If the city was a bit closer I would've loved to walk under this sky.

Thank you.

Handmade candle houses. This shop was so beautiful filled with cute houses.
I bought one for my mom. 

The weather stayed great but the air got colder and colder and we couldn't help escaping to a warm café from it. 

Okay, these were what we've got. I got grilled vegetable sandwiches and Jan got sandwiches with cheese baked on top.

Back on the street. I could spend hours here sipping a nice coffee.

This is a pharmacy. Did you expect it?

We came back and decided to walk around the lake. It was too beautiful out to stay indoor.

Ducks saw us and gathered around our feet. They were so cute.

Did you spot the castle?

We walked much enough to get hungry.
Having good Bayern food to end this trip wasn't a bad idea at all.
We picked the perfect restaurant.

This is what Jan got. Deer stew! Mmmmm

And this is mine. AGHH!! Who's mouth is watery?
Wrap up today. Feeling full and fulfilled :) Hope you like the pictures.  M


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