Wish you Marry Christmas :) メリークリスマス :)

Marry Christmas everyone :D 
How are you spending your holidays? With family? Friends? or with your beloved one? 
I've been still "home alone" but tomorrow evening Jan's flying back and we'll have this DUCK!!
I'm nervous. I never had, not even handled it,  this kind of size, the whole bird like this. 
This is still bird! I can still see the bird shape!  …oh my god
How can I deal with that? 
Wish me luck! :D 
By the way, I finally got new glasses last week. Since my old ones that I made in high school time, don't help me see well especially during driving a car. I haven't passed the drivers license test but I've been already driving a lot on the school car. :D and the new ones are just amazing! I'll wear them when I go outside from now on. 
Happy Holidays!!! Kisses from Germany :-*

みなさんメリークリスマス :D
どんな風にクリスマスを過ごしていますか? 家族、友だち、恋人などいろいろだと思います。
ドキドキ。。。(汗) まずこんなもの調理したことない以前に丸焼きを食べたことがない。
しかも見てこれ鳥…! (当たり前) まだ鳥の形が見えるよ〜〜〜っ。

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!
Your one click is a big present for me :D 
Help me spread my blog xoxo

今日もポチッとしていただけると嬉しいです :)

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