Smell of Christmas☆ "Christmas Tea" 冬の香り クリスマスティー

One of my favorite things on Christmas season is to enjoy Christmas tea!
The name "Christmas tea" sounds already so exciting and makes you expect how nice it smells and tastes.
And the smell and the taste are even better than you expect!♡♡♡
Ingredients of Christmas tea are mostly fruits (e.x. apple) and some spices often used for baking (e.x. cinnamon) and you get like "AH!…♡".
If you close your eyes and smell it, you think like you're holding a whatever lovely pie that your grandma just baked and can almost taste it… and you sigh.
There are million kinds of Christmas teas and I've tried or smelled some of them when I found them though, they never betrayed my expectation.
When December comes many people put it in a gift bag with other Christmas presents in Germany.
I like how they like tea and gift one to someone.

そして期待以上の香りと味♡♡♡ クリスマスティーの多くにはリンゴをはじめとする果物とシナモン等のお菓子に使われるような香辛料が入っていて、香りだけでもうっとりします。

The Christmas tea that I've been currently drinking is this one.
This is one of best ones I've tried. It smells like Glühwein or sweet red wine and has a little bit sour flavor in it.
It says…"Christmas atmosphere with creamy raspberry, orange, and a hint of cinnamon" on the sticker.
Ingredients are…apple, hibiscus (!), rose hip, orange peels, papaya, cinnamon, flavoring.
So insane. I love them all.


Once you open it, the blast of sweet-sour scent comes out :D
Full of chunky fruits and flowers! oh my gosh. 


Have a look! The tea is rose hip colored!!!!!! ohhh may gwaadd (completely unexpected)
I enjoyed the scent until I was able to sip.
This fresh sour flavor should be from hibiscus? Rose hip? and we went for a refill :)

お湯を注ぐと茶色ではなくローズヒップ色ー!!! (完全予想外)(゚Д゚*(゚Д゚*(゚Д゚*) 

If you're in Europe, you probably know that people give or get tea as a gift often for birthday, anniversary, or seasonal present. 
For this reason I've got chances to try good teas since I came to Germany and am interested in discovering best ones I'd ever gift, recommend, or share with you here.
I'm a coffee lover but trying to get rid of it and shift to tea :)


I came up with sending either this Christmas tea or other kind of Christmas tea (in case my favorite one is sold out) to 2 persons who read my blog as a small present for Christmas. What do you think?  :D
The winner will be chosen randomly. 
If you're interested in trying this nice tea out,……
☆Leave a comment below Your name & Email address where I can let you know if you win. and answer "How long have you been reading my blog?"
Feel free to enter to win a nice Christmas tea :)
Unil 24th December (GMT +01:00) Berlin

ささやかなプレゼントとして、2名の方(海外も含め) にこのクリスマスティーか、(売り切れの場合)別の種類のクリスマスティーを贈らせていただこうかと思いました。
完全ランダムに選ばせていただきます :)
気軽にエントリーしてね〜 :)

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I appreciate it a lot :) See you again in next post!

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    1. 梢〜。じゃ送るね〜。全くエントリー無くて自分のブログのつまんなさに萎えた笑


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