Rüdesheim Christmas Market 2013 リューデスハイムクリスマスマーケット2013

On 19th, we went to Rüdesheim christmas market. 
Even though we went there last year too, surprisingly I didn't even make any post about it. (!)
So I took loads of photos to share with you and hope you like them. (62 photos total)
Isn't this first photo already surreal? :D 
When I first came here for Christmas market last year, it jumped up to the top of MY christmas market list in my head in. a. second. 
Though there are still hundreds of cities in Germany where I've never been to yet, Rüdesheim is absolute a super highly recommended-place to visit. ;)
It's because here is such a historical, romantic spot, the lit-up view at night is so fantastic and keeps you say "wow..".

I wrote good information about Rüdesheim in a blog post this past Summer
You could also compare the streets we walked through this time with the past one checking details of the city at the same time. 
Hope you feel like you're enjoying it with me :D

去年も行ったのに記事を書いていなかったみたいだったので今年こそはしっかり書かねば、と思ってたくさん写真を載せました(全62枚 笑)。

写真を通して一緒に歩いてる気分になってもらえたら嬉しいです(^ ^)
More Photos 写真☆

Before going back to the car, we stopped at McDonald for a break and toilet ;)
Jan's dad couldn't come for this time but his mom joined us. It was her first Rüdesheim Christmas market. 
I hope you're having happy holidays!

ステキなクリスマスを☆ :)

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