Weekend snack Curry-filled Bread 週末のおやつにカレーパン

Last weekend I made Curry-filled bread (in Japanese "curry pan (=bread)") as we had some curry leftover from dinner and it gave me a good chance to make it that Jan never had before. 
In Japan this kind of bread that sort of side dish food filled in or on is very popular as small lunch or snack. Just sweet bread like fruits, chocolate, or pastry cream on top or filled inside doesn't satisfies your appetite or at least it makes you hungry quicker despite too much calories. What is your quick snack? 
I missed this curry pan so much. Ever since I was a kid, I would see my dad having it often because he's a curry lover. When I visited him this passes June with my sister, he had a package that small 3 curry pan inside and we shared them. haha
I remember..when my parents were still together and we were kids, and my mom asked dad what he'd like to have for dinner he always answered "curry". Mom always had to say like "we had it 2 weeks ago" but his reply was "serious? (of course he's kidding) we haven't had it over 1 month" and we kids laughed. 
This curry pan tasted so familiar. 
Original curry pans are usually fried in oil (they're really good too!) but as I didn't want to make a chaos  with splashed oil in the kitchen and wanted to go healthy way, I baked them in oven.
The bread crumbs are perfectly crispy and make an appetizing sound when you bite it. Mmmm
If you make curry for dinner and have some leftover, you should give it a try. Or you can buy finished one at a grocery store and make "curry pan"!

先週末にカレーパンを作りました〜! ひゃ〜♡
カレーを作ったら必ず残る微妙な量。。いつものようにすぐ冷凍してしまうのは少しもったいないなーと思ったらカレーパンを思いつき、じょんもラッキーなことにフライトが無く家に居たので即実行! キッチンで私がパン生地をこねこねしているそばでじょんはDSでマリオ。こんな週末が大好きです。
まだ両親が一緒で私たち子どもが小さかった頃、お母さんがお父さんに「夕飯何がいい?」と聞くと必ず「カレー!」と答えていました。お母さんが「えー2週間前に食べたよ」、お父さんの「お父さんは1ヶ月は食べてない (:もちろんふざけて)」。「えー!お父さんも食べたよ〜!」と私たち。


Makes 6 Curry pan 6個分
☆160g Bread flour
☆1 tsp Dry yeast
☆1 + ½ TBsp Sugar
☆20g Butter
☆⅔ tsp Salt
☆½ cup/100ml  filtered Water
1 potion curry (You need ca. 6 TBsp curry: 1TBsp for 1 curry pan)
ca. 1 cup Panko/ Bread crumbs
ca. 1TBsp Sunflower oil

☆160g 強力粉
☆小さじ1 ドライイースト
☆大さじ1 + ½ 砂糖
☆20g バター
☆小さじ⅔ 塩
☆½ cup/100ml 水

大さじ6 カレーの残り, 1個につき大さじ1
適量 パン粉
適量 サラダ油

① In a medium bowl, mix ☆ ingredients and knead until it becomes a bunch.
     Take the dough onto a clean work surface, keep on kneading for at least 10 minutes.
     It might be sticky but nothing's wrong! Stickiness is necessary not to let curry out while baking.


② Put the dough back into the bowl, wrap tightly the bowl, let the dough ferment till twice bigger.
     In room temperature it take 1.5 hours ~ 2 hours. In 40℃/ 104°F room it takes 30 minutes.


③ Gently push the dough to remove the gas inside.
     Divide it into 6 bunches and form them nice dumpling shape.
     Cover them with tightly squeezed wet cloth for 10 minutes. (Make sure the cloth is very clean)


④ Roll dough out with a rolling pin, place 1 tablespoon curry on it.
     Close the dough by pinching the edges of it completely.
  Set dough seam down on baking sheet.


⑤ With a cooking brush, give each dough surface a coat of sunflower oil and cover with panko/ bread crumbs.
     Cover them with a wrap and let it rise at room temperature for another 40 minutes.
     They still get bigger. :)
     While waiting preheat your oven at 190℃/380°F.


⑥ Bake 15 minutes or nicely browned. Enjoy freshly baked ones :)


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