One more bite of sweetness: Mont Blanc Tart 甘さをもう一度:モンブランタルト

Before the freezing Winter hits Europe, I wanted to keep the sweet flavor of Fall, that chestnuts have, once more. Believing that my fav. grocery store still sells them, I went there and oh lala, they had loads of them in two huge boxes. So I bought about 400g of them as last purchase in this season back home.
It seems like knowing chestnuts are there makes me hit the store more often. 
This time I made this mont blanc tart. As I still had a small amount of mont blanc cream from last time that I froze, I decided to make the cream again and mixed it with the previous one.
The tart dough I used for it is this one which I love, almond cream as next bottom, sliced apples, whipped cream, and at last mont blanc cream with cacao power to top. 
For a large amount of chestnuts in the cream, I used none of them for inside and for topping anymore but apples that gives a fresh crispy texture inside the cake. 
It's because we hardly have whipped cream, I used it gorgeously (lol) this time!
You can freeze ones that you can't consume and defrost them in the fridge some hours before or 1 night before when you miss it again. 
We fully enjoyed full flavor of Fall this year with chestnuts rice and mont blanc. ♡
(I might make some more though! ;) )


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