2nd Rüsselsheim Christmas Market

Today Jan and I went to my 2nd Christmas market at Rüsselsheim (you can pronounce [r[ue]ss-sels-haim] :D) Here's the post from last year . This Winter's been incredibly cold and it was -4 degrees tonight. Hands get immediately numb and breathe freezes in second. But the sky was perfectly clear and many people were enjoying the christmas atmosphere which everyone had waited for.
Of course the first food we grabbed was delicious sausage sand! This time I tried beef sausage for the first time and that was so good while Jan had normal (pork) one. As next snack we had beef stew, then Jan got garlic herb butter bread, and we shared the big butter sugar cake that we also had last year.
It was biting cold but so much fun :)
Click "See More" for other photos!

Stay warm!


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