Day 1st Gran Canaria :15th October

My first trip to an Island oversea was to Gran Canaria. In the beginning of this Summer we were planning to go to Tenerife and made a reservation for all stuff but Jan forgot about the dates of his Summer vacation and we had to cancel it. Then the travel agency lady recommended and told us that the flight and hotel reservation that match our schedule is to Gran Canaria. Now I'm so satisfied with our decision to sing up for it that promised me an amazing stay there :D
These photos are when we arrived in Gran Canaria via Madrid airport. Hope you like them :)

The landscape from our airplane, IBERIA, completely amazed me. I never saw that spectacular view of mountains that almost looked like dinosaur back!

As we landed at Madrid airport for transit. If we could book our flight one day earlier, we'd had a direct flight to Gran Canaria. :( But Jan had a flight for work. Then next time! :D

Finally got to our resort apartment hotel Valentin Marieta. It was almost midnight zzz

Time to collapse into the bed :D 


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