Some shopping at Frankfurt

Before going to Rüsselsheim that's our neighbor town, we took the train to Frankfurt to buy a small christmas present for my teacher and for Jan. I was thinking of getting him something that he needs to have and today it gave me a good chance :) For the christmas present for my teacher who taught us in German language school since last November 2011, I've planed to get her Chanel eyeshadow. 
Thankfully it's got sunny since early in the morning while it was typical horrible Winter weather yesterday. I had to take an advantage of it ;) 
As I expected, they had a wonderful, huge Christmas market in Frankfurt. I can't believe it's already 1 year passed since my new journey in Germany has started and now I can speak German :D (not super good yet, but I can say I'm completely different in a good way :) )
Here I took some photos while walking. Hope you enjoy it!

Unlike my expectation, the new collection of Chanel (eyeshadow) was too dark and I didn't want them for my teacher as a gift. And then I walked up to Dior and tried this colors, it said to me this is it. 
So my final decision turned out this beautiful gold & orange eyeshadow from Dior. Hope she like it. 



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