The last school day

Today was the very last school day. I can't still believe 1 year has already passed with lots of struggles, cries, worries, improvement, laughs, and jumps for happiness. 
2011 October 22nd, the crazy German started. I was completely believing that I'll learn German in English (that's international language!) but I was wrong... My teacher began to talk super fast in German while I only knew "yes (ja)" and "no (nein)". I got really lost where I was and what to do. Nobody spoke English in the class, all of us were from Japan, Italy, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco, and Spain. So the first few months were extremely tough to go through each class and we had to understand what our teacher said as she only spoke German. 
Funny thing is that I got married exactly in 1 year with good German knowledge (sure, I keep on studying and improve my German). 
Here is the post from last year after 2 days the German class has started. We made a short walk before I went to the school with a in-panic head. 

Today, after we finished an orientation test (German history, politic, general life style in Germany), we had a small good-bye party. 
Last night and this morning I baked meringue cookies and snowball cookies that turned out great. 
Aren't they perfect for Christmas sweets? 
Now I'm relaxing on the sofa with Jan watching TV with no concern about exams and stuff anymore :)
Hope you're having a nice time too! 


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