Hellbeige Pullover

TOPSHOP biker jacket/TOPSHOP バイカージャケット
ZARA handbag, boots/ザラ ハンドバッグ、ブーツ
Bershka skinny jeans/ベルシュカ スキニージーンズ

How could I express how cold it's been these days? It's like I've been stuck in a fridge the whole day and the coldness reaches even up to my bones... It hurts even when I move my fingers and my lips and cheek wouldn't move. I'd got completely used to Tokyo weather which almost never snows in Winter and you can enjoy any kinds of clothes all the year, so it is just hard for me to be here now. But still looking at warm colors of trees and leaves make me feel better :) 
I do like this wide necked knit that nicely shows off the collarbone, and the sleeve length is perfect for my arms for medium size. My height is 172cm which usually needs large size but these sleeves cover up to back of my hands. How would you wear this?

この連日の寒さは尋常じゃない。丸一日冷蔵庫ん中いるような感覚で10分も歩けば体の芯まで冷えきっちゃう。指をちょっと動かすだけで痛くて、唇も頬も動かない。すっかり東京の気候に慣れきっちゃったからここ数日はひたすら辛い笑 晴れた日でも夜は-3度!ありえな-い!1月や2月はあたしソーセージ握ったまま凍死してるかなw それでも真っ赤な木とか見るとちょっとあったかくなるね。



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