No jacket

Blue knit, TRF ripped skinny jeans, large shopper handbag, boots

Actually it wasn't going to be an outfit post. I had an appointment/meeting with a photographer at 11am and he and I both were waiting for each other at the same station, but missed each other after all. I was at the platform and looking over the whole parking area since 5 minutes before 11am till next 20 minutes and I decided to take some walk until I receive his message to let me know he's there. He parked his car by the parking area and waited for me till 11:20am and didn't check and send message because we agreed on time and where to meet... Later on he finally sent me a message after returning home and we both found out we missed each other. Yes we both were excited to work together in this nice weather. We'd end up meeting up but I guess not right away for sure. It happens. 
I went back home after 12pm (waited more than 1 hour haha) and John and I walked up to the grocery store 20 min away from home and did photoshoot. And here they are. Hope you had a nice weekend!

ほんとはアウトフィットの記事になる予定じゃなかったんだ。だからすごい服テキトー。午前11時にフォトグラファーと打ち合わせがあってお互い同じ駅で待ってたのに行き違いになってパーになったっていうオチ。私は駅に5分前についてその後20分までプラットフォームで駐車場を見渡しながら待ってたんだけど、来なかったから周辺を散歩しながらメールを待つことにしたの。で当の彼は駐車場の前に(スペースが無くて)車停めて11:20pmまで待ってたみたい。お互い会う時間も場所も決めてたからメールのチェックはしないでひたすら私を待ってたらしい。彼が家に着いたときにメールが着て、行き違いになったのがわかったんだよね。お互い楽しみにしてたから残念だったな~。いずれまた会うタイミング見つけて仕事すると思うけど、とりあえず近日中ではないことは確か(苦笑; まこんなこともあるよね。

White stew I made for dinner :) It was good!
夕食にシチュー作った :) おいしかった~



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