Promises in A Relationship

How do people make promises in their relationships? 
Here I am only talking about promises in romance/love. Not in general. (...can it be separated? I do)
Do all the promises really come to the reality? 
I have an experience with a guy who I was in relationship with. 

Until almost the end of the relationship I insisted on not making promises because I didn't want to be blamed for making promises when it ended. 
And I know not all relationships end up on the aisle. 
Don't think too much and complicated. Have fun.

"No commitment, no promises, no obligation, just enjoy this love now. We're in love that's the truth."
We were okay with it. I was comfortable with it. 

I've always been the girl who easily opens her up to new friends, and guys. *This doesn't mean any physical relationship.
I look into his eyes when I talk, smile back, and laugh at each other. This is easy. Laid back texts and hang outs. Silly talk and drinks, not stupid things. I'm not afraid of mostly anything. 
That's what I want in a relationship too. I love being his company in good days and bad days, and yes, passionate love too when in a relationship. But somehow when things get too far, I pull away.  
No, I don't want to go further than now. 
I admit that I was scared/not ready to commit and scared of things that kept on gaining its speed and out of my control. 
I don't want any seriousness. Is this wrong?
I said words that I meant. I even promised it. But I didn't mean it for forever. We used the word Promise because we were okay with "no commitment". 
I'm confused.
How can you make promises in your relationship that might end after all, your relationship that you both never know that would ever last? 
Would you fight and blame each other for promises that never came true? Do you even promise? Do people not even promise until they ever get married? I don't think so.. well, I'm confused... 

It started to make no sense. With someone you are in relationship with and you can't promise for commitment and seriousness but still you should't be afraid of saying anything you want and what you feel in love? 

Then what were we doing? What was I doing? Is this what's called casual? I'm not sure. Then what's even the difference between casual relationships and friends with benefit?
I just shouldn't go into it.  I don't do casual. I will give my heart some time and let go.  

Yet here's only thing I'm not confused about: 
I loved him to death.  


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