There are some kinds of tears. Joy. Happiness. Loss. Loneliness. Setback. Goodbye. 
None of these is mine.

Follow your heart? or listen to your brain?

22nd Sept. 15:00 We met the lawyer.

Am I the one who broke our marriage? Have I been disrespectful?
I cancelled the appointment for job hunting.

Trying to keep it happening and going. Do I have to go slower and think?
Maybe stay here, work, and have a family?
Should I have more patience? Coincidentally I've read in a book that says Marriage is compromise and hard work, and then more hard work and communication and compromise. And then work. 

Have I compromised anything? Am I just pushing through what I want and trying to leave here just because things didn't turn out how I thought it would?

Should I give it a try one more time?

Someone help me.


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