Turkey Thighs for Wednesday dinner

I didn't know "PUTE" in German means Turkey until a couple of days ago.
I've had turkey breasts not knowing that's turkey but believing that's chicken a little while ago.
I was at the grocery store near home one day and looking for some meat.
Rich in protein..
And then turkey thighs were what I saw. The skin looks different....was he killed as he got goosebumps? (just laugh at me)
I saw the small picture of turkey on the label and decided to buy it.
2 thighs (770g) for €2,55. Not bad, isn't it?
For the sauce, I learned one thing. Don't put too much grated garlic.
I grated one clove garlic, instead of chopping or slicing it.
It just gets burned and turns all black around the meat in the dish. Noted.

We've had 1 almost empty English mustard and 1 "used just one tea-spoon" opened grain mustard in the fridge. They'd been just suck in the fridge pocket and being ignored for a few months.
We hardly buy sausages that increase the consumption of mustard.. So they were used just once or twice and waiting to be spoiled.
In a small pot, melt 2Tbsp butter and mix in 1 clove of grated garlic (this was a mistake.).
Then I emptied the English one (about 1tsp left. Why didn't we even throw it away?) and used another 2Tbsp of grain mustard.
Came with 2Tbsp of agave syrup, 3Tbsp of soy sauce, and 1tsp of Japanese Tonkatsu sauce. Cooked at low heat to simmer.

Preheated the oven at 210C.
Place 2 turkey thighs on the oven plate and drizzle the sauce.
Roast it for 45-55 minutes. Done.
I used aluminum foils for the first 30 min. I thought it'd help them get cooked quicker but I don't know if it did.
Tasted great.



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