Unorganized notes

Woke up with Sunday sun. Alone. Jan's gone on a flight to Tokyo again. My head is still drowsy but full of thoughts on our divorce issue. Can a brain work at full speed once eyes open after 8 hour sleep?
Now I feel like becoming an interviewer to those who got through divorce asking what part was tough to work out, if they ever regretted splitting, or if they think that was the right decision.
They got married in love with each other and so did we.

What's the difference between divorced people and married ones?
Patience? Kids (this must be one of biggest reasons they stick together)? or money?
Kids: We don't have one though we were planning.
Money: We're not rich but living decently.
Patience: Jan is the most patient man that I know. Am I? The more I ask myself the less patient I think I am.

Looking at my marriage ring on my finger.
When we finally received them we were excited and happy. Just like other couples. 


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