I'll take the lighter one

"Don't let the emotions overwrite your heart."
"Which one makes you smile or feel lighter? Still being married in 6 months there or being free and able to do whatever you want/need in Japan?"
"If you really didn't want to split you wouldn't have come this far by now."
"Yes, this happens. People see good memories and tend to forget bad ones..and yes, you can look back too. You can remember memories but then remember eeeverything. You know."

He's been my friend from the states and a counselor working in U.S. military base dealing with kids and couples.
He told me once when he is with his friends and talking about some serious issues, he tells them his opinions as a friend, not as a counselor.
So I knew he would tell me thoughts on my case as my friend but still I thought I would consult with him about it and listen to his words.
Right up until I called him I was thinking that he would tell me what/which would be the right thing to do (stay or leave) but to my surprise he told me neither.

He gently helps me pull out my thoughts.
Asks me questions or tosses thoughts, pauses, listens to me till I'm done.
Observes my face expression and my tone (this is one thing he does automatically due to his work). Answers to my questions with some twists and humor mixing up with similar cases or examples he's handled with.
He's always the right person to talk to.

We met from our mutual friend Thales who I've known since high school. Our ages are about +20 years apart, just like me and my dad. But we're cool dudes that keep laughing our asses off.
We found out we lived just one hour away (at that time) so we'd hang out at Starbucks which was the mid point of us (actually he did have a longer train ride than I did.).
This is how I started to like Starbucks.
No whips, extra flakes, with soy milk. Stay light and flavorful, just like how I want my life to be.


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