I've quit to behave to be liked by people. But this doesn't mean I'll behave however I want and say whatever I want to say, of course.
Always with respect.
I had used Facebook for almost 5 years and all the sudden, deleted it. It's still been less than a week now but I know I'm not going to back on it.
The last screen showed on "Account Deletion" said your account will forever be deleted within 14 days if you don't log back in. So mine is still alive if I wanted to be back but I'll let the 14th day come and erase it.

2 reasons.
The main reason is: I'm not interested in someone's life and I don't need people to know mine either.
My important friends are in my contacts or chat apps. I know most people on Facebook are the ones I haven't talked to for ages and wouldn't anymore.
The 2nd reason is: I always, and yet unintentionally, made posts to look "nice" with a slight hope that some of my friend would envy me and my life.
Care about the number of Like and comments, photo quality, wonder if they like my post and if  it's too much or too little.
Ive had enough of being friends with social networks.
Your thoughts?



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