First School day

29th August, 2016
My very first day of school. I woke up at 5:00. Jan told me he'd give me a ride there so I'd got some extra time to get ready ready (my heart was beating fucking fast) till 7:00.
I've got a nice THE NORTH FACE backpack from Tokyo with my friend and this is going to be my buddy throughout the school year.

It has thick pads inside it that protects your laptop and the same cushions on the back side and on shoulder straps that support your back and shoulders from the weight of textbooks.
A bunch of pockets would help me tuck in stationary and girls' must-haves like Chapstick, comb, hand cream and finishing powder.
You know, we always want to look less tired and pretty, or at least not letting the makeup off your face during the time in public.
I had breakfast and a cup of coffee. Makeup done, nice cloth on, grabbed the key, ok I'm ready.
We left the house at 6:50.
It was the first day after the Summer vacation (pretty sure some kids cried for starting the school again) and some traffic jams were expected. Luckily there wasn't.
The raising Sun starts to light up the land and reflected the side mirror. Good weather and a good start.
The same building where I took the entrance exam showed up from the corner.
The time's come. My brain was repeating.
Student-looking like people were gathering with concerned-confused-frozen smile to the strangers -face. I must've looked the same.
I let Jan go back home telling him I can handle the stuff.
Everyone's nervous so it'll be just fine.
My class is "Ea", room 217.
I was believing that I'd be in the lowest level class (for my German) but "A?".
Students in my grade are approximately 60.
Guess what? I'm the only Asian girl with very basic language skill and all my classmates are German or those who were born and raised in Germany.
So there's no way the teachers take easy on me.
I'm in a massive panic.
Everyone talks with machine-gun German (they're Germans) and I can't catch up with it at all.
Blackout in my head. It almost looks like I stepped in a wrong place and get stuck.
I see my name on the Ea class list which means I'm not wrong.
They say God gives you hard times that you can get over. This means you're capable of beating it.
Whether or not I believe in God, I just want to hope  I'm capable of getting through it.
The first school day is over. I went there and became one of the student but I was feeling like someone tossed me into a shake pit and it almost made me wish this was a bad dream.
After I got back home, hitting the gym sounded a good idea so I did.
Refresh my head and face it. Don't bitch. Just do it. 


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