30th June Exam

The reason I moved back to Germany in the late Spring is for this exam even though the school starts in Fall.
The subjects I had to take were English, Math, and German.
I couldn't just help wondering why they test even mathematics even though it's a language school... But I had to study for it anyway.
Earlier this year I had bought 2 of mathematics exercise books for the first high school year. I'd completely forgotten the existence of "absolute value"... Do you?
I started to study as if I saw the numbers and characters for the first time.
Some smoke almost started to come out of my head everyday. "I can't remember how I did this..." No matter how many times I read the explanation of its solution I just can't get it.
People say "you just remember how to solve it as it is" but I, just, can't, get it.
But I can learn like that when I studied English. "Because you learn the language. It's the way it is". This works for some and doesn't for others. Math is however available worldwide no matter which language you learn with and it should be understandable for everyone lol
My brain isn't for math for sure. It had just been like a torture until 30th June was over.

We had 2 hours for each subject and the first one was English at 8:10-10:10.
Some grammatical questions, complete blanks (at, in, to, on, from), true or false, essay and stuff.
It was easy. You wouldn't even need to study for it.
Then Math at 10:30-12:30.
I died. I am SO worried if I've passed it. I will know the results on 8th, Friday.
If, IF I failed, I would have to take a speaking test in German.
The last one, German was at 13:30-15:30.
2 hours just for an essay.
I died again. Thank you for making me write an essay who speaks baby German.

There were only 5, including me, who took the test and the 4 of them were German. LOL
They want to study at University like me too.
At this school, though I called it a language school, you can get a permission to go on study for University.
For foreigners, it's like that you have to get certain score to continue study such as TOEFL.
They must've either not passed the exam to continue study for University when they fished high schools or not taken it and started to work and now want to study again.

Anyway, thank God the exam is over. There's nothing more I can do for it.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I will get a good news.
I'm on the plane to Tokyo now to spend one month with my family and friends.

I will blog about it soon 😊


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