Greek dinner on one Saturday night

On 13th, Saturday evening we got together with Anni, Jan's younger sister who just came back from NYC and Boston trip. 
She lives in a town ca. 40 min-drive away from us but she stayed her parents house to rest the night and we decided to eat outside that day. 
We get a few chance to meet.

We picked our favorite Greek restaurant in the town and sat outside. 
It had already been pretty full as it was a weekend evening in Summer. 
Especially in Summer, most restaurants get full because they're lazy to cook. 

The appetizer and the food we've got. 

I always avoid eating fried food and at nights, carbohydrates for my health. All the guilt after eating fried food which is fried in overused-oil and just stored in the body as fat, I don't see any reason to eat it. I never cook those at home either. 

They always serve you one strong liqueur shot called OUZO [úːzoʊ] telling you "For good digestion".


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