24th June Lake

It had been very hot days and this day the temperature went up to 38 degrees.
Earlier this day Jan and I were walking towards the gym and I joked that we could go swimming.
It was till June and I was of course not ready for swimming but Jan took it seriously and asked me "why not?"
And this didn't sound bad to me so we ended up driving to the lake in the forest.

It had been a while since I bathed in the water outside as I can't even remember last time I went to a beach in Summer.
After we put sunscreens all over our bodies I was looking at the lake and and couldn't bring myself to go ahead and start to swim yet while Jan was just waiting for me to decide to go..
We got a place on the grass in the sun on an upper hill and went down to the water surface. I dipped my toes in the water.
The water was a lot colder than I expected....but I expected it'd feel cold.
He kept walking into the water and I was desperate saying "don't leave me alone! Lol"
I guess we (Jan was waiting for me) stayed there the very shallow spot for about 5 minutes until I finally made it to swim.
Sooooo refreshing!!
I was holding Lufthansa buoy while making Jan swim the entire time. Haha
The water was sparkling, the sun was giving it Summer warmth, airplanes were flying just above our heads and people were having fun in the water.
In a while we swam back to the hill and laid in the sun. We didn't bring anything to eat and this gave me a reason to ask him for snack ;)
I've got Currywurst (sausages and sauce seasoned with curry powder) and french flies.
Just wonder why ordinary food taste so good outside?

After we had the snack we went back to swim once more. We couldn't stay longer as Jan had standby from mid afternoon for a flight but it was about 2 hour of nice stay.



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