People who you'd keep in life ずっと大切にしたい人たち

I got to meet two of my best friends for the first time in 7 years in Takadanobaba, Tokyo!! 
The guy next to me is my school mate who I got to know when I was 16 (and so was he) in high school at trial enrollments of the collage that we graduated from. 
After the graduation he studied and finished the University in Canada and came back here to work.
In my opinion he must've been one of hardest worker in the school. I was "panting" over my assignments and dying studying but he was always going ahead. All efforts he's making that I take my hat off to. 
And the guy behind us is a professor from Kansas who taught us economics and American history in collage time. 
He'd made best classes with a lot of humor over years. There are thousands of "fans (we)" of him.  


The collage has several buildings and the one we went is in Mejiro but the trial enrollment always took place in Takadanobaba. 
It feels so nice to be back here again after many years and everything seems the same as before. 
I couldn't help taking some photos near the station while waiting for friends.


1 or 2 weeks later we had Thales' birthday party in Shinjuku.
I got to know some of his friends and had a fun party!
Sorry for this blurry photos.


Reunion is always so great. 
We've grown up and gotten experiences to share. 
The feeling on your way back home on the train is nice and you think you'd want to keep them for good. This kinda night.

帰りの電車で浸る気持ちってすごくいい笑 彼らをずっと大切にしたいな、とかって思いますよね。そんな夜でした。



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