Picnic in Großer Feldberg (Taunus) フェルトベルグ(タウノス)でピクニック

It's gotten a bit later to post but in the beginning of this month, on 9th. Sunday, Jan and I went to a mountain in Taunus district to go on a picnic. I made sandwiches for lunch too :)
The mountain, called Feldberg, is about ±40 minutes away by a car from our house and has highest altitude (878M) in Hochtaunuskreis (=Tunus) district.
At the top of Feldberg, there is an observation platform and you can enjoy beautiful scenery from a terrestrial telescope over Frankfurt city, the airport and runways, and Rhein-Main district.

投稿が遅くなりましたが、今月初めの9日(日曜日)にTaunus (タウノス)地区にある山まで行ってピクニックしてきました。サンドイッチも作って春を堪能です。
878Mの標高で、この辺りの山では一番高いものになります。頂上には展望台があり(一回につき1€で使用可能)天気が良く空気が澄んでいればフランクフルトの街や空港・滑走路、Rhein-Main(ライン-マイン)地区まで眺めることが出来ます(Mainz (マインツ)は遠過ぎて不可)。

The treeless summit of the Großer Feldberg and the surrounding forests are a popular destination for motorbikers and cyclists in the summer, tobogganers and cross-country skiers in winter, and hikers year-round. Two small rope tow ski lifts are located on the North and West slopes of the mountain at the village of Oberreifenberg, and a larger ski lift used to extend up the North slope almost to the summit until the 1980s. The former lift track is popular with tobogganers.The summit is easily reached from Frankfurt in approximately 30 minutes via roads from Oberursel, Königstein or by bus from these towns. On weekends crowds and a lack of parking spaces near the top are a common sight. (from wiki)

On that day it went up to 22℃ and super sunny outside.
Some people enjoy walking through a forrest (we did too later on) and others lie down on a small hill where we had lunch later.
There is a restaurant and an ice cream shop at the same place where there is the observation platform and even if you're not a customer you can use their toilet for free.


The sunlight coming down through leaves makes it feel more comfortable.
All you can hear is only birds chirping.
Having a deep breath, I felt really refreshed for the first time in a while.
I guess this is what therapeutic walk in the woods bring to you? :D
As I grew up in a big nature in my childhood, it even made me feel I'm back home.


Taking one round walking through the forest, we came back to the top of Feldberg and decided to have lunch on the grass.
This is what's inside the sandwiches :)
The bread I used was whole wheat ones. One has lettuce, onion (flavor) sausage, thinly sliced cheese, and tomatoes.
2nd one has Mayo-egg paste which is forever-beloved sandwich ingredients in Japan, lettuce, and cucumber.
3rd one, as I wanted something sweet, has Hippophae fruit and strawberry mixed jam.


As you see, there was full of bikes.
After viewing scenery from a terrestrial telescope, we came back in a car with a pretzel and drove home.


Our dinner in the evening was Gulasch (beef strew) that I made a night before and mashed potatoes.
It was one of perfect Sundays!

この日の夕飯は前日夜に作っておいた牛肉のグラ(ー)シュ(Gulasch: シチューです)とマッシュポテト。



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