Wait, I'm in Europe *_* そういえばヨーロッパ

When I posted this photo (other photos below) on my instagram, I've gotten many Likes and a comment "this looks like a post card!".
"Oh wait, I'm in Europe!" I kind of remembered that I'm still in Europe in which most of my friends are eager to be.
When I first came and moved to Germany, everything was new to me and kept me taking hundreds of photos. As I've been here for almost 3 years now, things that amazed me earlier has gotten pretty normal and I don't ever take photos of city views and stuff. I don't mean that it's gotten boring or something though!
I'll start to take more photos of my surroundings and places I visit again :)
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この写真を撮った日は曇りだったのでイマイチぱっとしませんが気に入ってもらえたら嬉しいです :)

Last one is my babe :)
I was chatting on my phone while I thought he was watching TV and found out he was just looking at me like this. lol
I felt a bit bad being on chat and took a picture of him from my view. This one. :P
Thanks always for being kind even I never talk to you and keep chatting like forever.. lol

なんだか申し訳なく思い 、自分の視線からの眺めをパシャリ。これですw


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