Taste of Japanese Fall: Chestnut Rice 日本の秋の味 栗ご飯

Chestnut rice is one of our most favorite Fall foods in Japan.
Ever since we were small kids our grandmas and moms would make it every year and we have inherited the recipe and its taste.
When it comes to Fall in Japan, the image we might get is tinted autumn leaves and roast sweet potatoes (roasted in faded leaves) under the trees.
Red of leaves, purple skin of sweet potatoes and yellow inside, then here comes orange of pumpkins?
Although sweet potatoes and pumpkins are actually displayed all the year at grocery stores, the reason we love to eat them this season is because they get flavorful the most.
This past Monday I found beautiful chestnuts at a grocery store and I couldn't leave there without buying them.
I haven't seen fresh chestnuts yet since I came to Germany and I'd missed it a lot.
The very first idea I thought of was, of course, chestnut rice :) I thought I'd also make mont blanc cakes but, no no. This rice comes first.
So tonight, this chestnut rice comes on our table. 



You need:

Rice cooker (you can cook with a pot on cooking stove but you'd need lots of practice)

Ingredients -----------------------------------------------------

15 to 20 pieces Chestnuts
2 cups (300g) Rice, washed, drained
2 cups filtered Water

  • 2 TBsp Japanese saki
  • 1+1/2 TBsp Sugar
  • 1tsp Salt

Sesame to top


15 ~ 20個 栗
2合 米: 洗って水を切っておく
  • 大さじ2 酒
  • 大さじ1+1/2 砂糖 又は 大さじ2 みりん (私が住んでいるところにはみりんなど存在しないのでいつも砂糖です)
  • 小さじ1 塩

ごま: 最後まぶす用

① In a medium post where all chestnuts fit in, fill in water and bring to boil. 
     Dump all chestnuts into boiling water and cook for 3 to 4 minutes. 
     Remove from heat, let it cool until you can touch the water (lukewarm). 

② Start to peel the skin off. BE CAREFUL not to cut your finger(s). 
     Make a cut into the bottom - the widest, round part of the nut- and fix the skin with your thumb and the corner of your knife, put it all back down to the point of the nut. 
    Make sure to remove the thinner brown-hairy skin as well until you come to the 4th picture down here. 
     Prepare a medium small bowl filled in water to keep peeled chestnuts from changing its color into brown. 

 皮を剥く。指を切らないように注意。栗の底 -丸い部分- に切れ目を入れ、包丁の根元を使って先の方に向かって剥いでいく。  

③ When finished peeling of chestnuts, wash & rinse them. 
     Put washed, drained rice into your rice cooker. 
    Drizzle 2 TBsp Japanese saki, 1 & 1/2 TBsp sugar, and 1 tsp salt over the rice and fill in filtered water until scale "2" as you prepared 2 cups of rice. 
     Make a quick stir to mix ingredients in it and toss in peeled chestnuts over the rice. 
     Turn the switch on! 


④ Tah-dah!!! With a rice scoop, make a gentle mix, top with some sesame, and serve immediately. 
     Enjoy the flavor of Fall :) 

 優しくしゃもじで混ぜたらごまを散らして召し上がれ :)

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