Weekend in Michelstadt 週末にミシェルシュタット行ってきました

On 12th, Friday we came to Michelstadt for the first time in 2 years. The biggest reason we drove up here was to go to the Greek restaurant named KRETA that made us so impressed by Greek beautiful appetizer called Pikilia (2 years ago in Michelstadt). 
Despite our expectation (to have the same plate), their Pikilia has got way smaller and the baguette was so dried up. 
There is a nice Greek restaurant in Raunheim where we live though that has Pikilia and it beat this Michelstadt one now. We were sure KRETA's Pikilia was the best one that we've had but no more. That's a pity! You can see the difference after click on SEE MORE.
As soon as we started to walk through the streets, I found such a cute shop that sells small articles, like candles, lanterns, mugs, dishes, cutlery, and so on. Though we just entered it and didn't buy anything, I made it taking some photos :) 
Then we got nougat as small snack at a Tea shop and enjoyed a stroll. Before we drove back home, we got some bread and nice honey for the next morning. How was your weekend? Hope you had good one!

12日金曜日に、2年ぶりにオーデンフォレストの中の街、ミシェルシュタットに行ってきました(2年前のブログ)。ここに来た一番の目的は、前回見つけたギリシャレストランのピキリアという前菜(メイン並みに大きいので食べるのはこの前菜だけ)を食べること! でも期待を裏切られ、めちゃくちゃ小さくなっていて、セットのパンもパサパサ。えー。って萎え萎えになりました。(下に写真比較あるので見てね) 私たちが住んでるラウンハイムにおいしいピキリアを出してくれるギリシャレストランがあるんだけど、前回このミシェルシュタットで食べたのはうんと大きくて相当感動したから私たちの中で一番だったんだけどねぇ。今回のだったら、地元のピキリアの方が全然マシ。てわけでもう行かないと思います。

The we had this time.

This is the Pikilia of 2 years ago.

You always get Ozou after Greek food. About 40% alcohol.
消化を助けるのだそうで、必飲!笑 一気に流し込んで!


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