Attending exchange meeting between Japan and Germany 交流会に出席

On 2nd. July, I've got an opportunity to attend an exchange meeting taken place in my city.
It's because my mom in law belongs to a political party, I had heard that they'd hold a welcome party for a Japanese administration group that's visiting Germany and that has had friendship with my city, and I've heard that I would receive invitation as I am Japanese.
BUT, I've gotten no invitation card or letter after all and my dad in law and I had planned to chill out and have ice cream while she attends the event on that day.
I finished small dinner and was relaxing on the sofa in almost-like pajama, I got phone call from him that I have to attend that party and come immediately. LOL
I got dressed in seconds and ran up there.
The party ended up so cool. I got to see an interpreter in person who's taking care of my school documents that I have to submit to University, got to join traditional Summer dance of Japan (Bon-odori), and got to know some politicians.
See more photos. ☟☟☟☟




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