Weekend in Idar Oberstein イダーオバーシュタインでの週末

(Click on this picture and enjoy the large view)
Last weekend (from 5th to 7th) Jan and I visited his sister Anni the whole weekend in Idar Oberstein. Last time I came here was 3 years ago, when I flew to Germany for the first time, I was amazed by each scene and I knew at the same time that I'd come back here. 
Nothing's changed here from 3 years ago but one different thing is that I speak German now :) 
So I got to know more people and enjoy everything around me.

The breakfast was so ideal for me, outside in breeze, and many activities in nature.
The better my German gets, the more I appreciate this place I live. So much fun in Summer :D

その頃と何も変わってないけど、唯一変わったのは今私はドイツ語が話せること。^ ^

朝は木々に囲まれて鳥のさえずりと一緒に朝食。自然の中でのたくさんのアクティビティ。言葉が話せれば話せるだけ、もっと行く場所も住む場所でも楽しめるっていうのを実感中。夏楽し〜!^ ^

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